sql_bind Frequently Asked Questions.

Last updated: 7/28/97

  • What is sql_bind?

    Sql_bind is an extension to BIND that allows admins to use SQL databases to read and store DNS data instead of flatfiles.

  • Why is everything labelled as msql_bind?

    The package name changed because the extensions were rewritten to not be msql-specific. The latest API allows admins to drop in support for their own databases.

  • Why use sql_bind?

    Sql_bind allows sysadmins to delegate the responsibility of updating nameserver tables by allowing non-sysadmins to modify databases used by sql_bind. For bind 4.9.x users, it also provides a means of dynamically updating your nameserver tables.

  • Where can I get sql_bind?

    Currently, an outdated version of msql_bind is included in the contrib/ dir of the latest BIND sources. The latest versions are available here.

  • How do I use msql_bind?

    Documentation is a glorious thing. Cherish it always. Read.

  • Why can't I use sql_bind as a secondary nameserver?

    You can, but it will not write changed entries to the database. There were too many issues dealing with security and validity of the SQL database to make writing to the database practical.

  • When I start the modified named daemon, it complains about "no SOA RRs found". What's wrong?

    As sql_bind uses the same mechanism to validate a domain as stock BIND does, you will need to have a SOA record per zone.

  • When I start the modified named daemon, it complains about "multiple SOA RRs found". What's wrong?

    You can only have on SOA record per zone. Did you run read_dnswalk twice? If so, then you have duplicates of every entry in your zone not just the SOA records. You need to clean out your database tables and rerun read_dnswalk.
    If you are porting sql_bind to a new database, make sure that your "select" statment in sql_load() is correct. If your database supports the use of parentheses in a where clause, please use them.

  • Do I still need both host and arpa entries?

    Yes. Sql_bind only changes the user interface to BIND. With the exception of dynamic dns support in 4.9.x, sql_bind does not change the functionality of BIND.

  • What if I only want a few dynamic records to be in my database? Do I have to use sql_bind for every entry?

    Msql_bind was originally designed to only read certain records from a database. It was then later expanded to read every standard RR from a database. You can insert the line from sql.dom into your regular zone db files and only put the entries you want handled by sql_bind into your database. You will not need additional SOA/NS RRs if you do this.

  • Are there any plans to support bind 8.1? At the moment, it does not appear to feasible to incorporate sql support into bind without majorly hacking bind to support sql natively rather than as an add on.

  • Who do I mail if I have problems?

    You should first check this list to see if your problem is described here. Then the msql_bind mailing list is your best bet.