Southwestern Cable TV is pleased that you have decided to open your
   own Home Page. We want to bring to your attention the conditions which
   apply to the Home Page. These rules are in addition to, and not in
   place of, those in the Road Runner subscriber agreement. You must
   agree to abide by these rules, as well as those set forth in the
   subscriber agreement.
   1. In your use of the Home Page you must abide by all applicable laws.
   2. You may not post anything that violates or infringes the rights of
   others. Examples of such violations include statements that are
   libelous, invade someone else's privacy, or are obscene or indecent.  
   Other examples include postings that harass or that incite others to
   take violent or otherwise unlawful action.
   3. You may not violate or infringe the copyright or trademarks of
   4. You may not advertise or solicit with respect to a product or
   service, or otherwise use the Home Page for commercial purposes.

   Please remember your Home Page may be viewed by children; while we 
   don't intend to prescribe in advance what would be viewed as offensive
   and do not undertake to monitor communications, we do reserve the 
   right to take action with respect to any posting. If we decide, in our
   sole discretion, to take action, such actions may include
   communicating a warning to a subscriber; posting additional
   information reflecting a complaint; removing specific communications
   or Home Pages or terminating your status as a subscriber. We reserve  
   all other legal remedies, as well.
   In opening a Home Page you agree to indemnify Time Warner Cable, Road
   Runner Group and Southwestern Cable TV against any loss resulting from
   the contents of your posting.

   Southwestern Cable TV reserves the right to amend these conditions at
   any time, and your continued use of your Home Page may be conditioned
   upon your agreement to comply with, and your full compliance with any
   such amended conditions.